What is the mofilink?

Ministry of Finance – Indonesia Link (Mofilink) is a group of talents who initially aims for better performance in campus of University of Canberra and Australian National University. The first main activity of this group was to set up a meeting to provide input prior to the member’s presentation in the initial seminar or in the conference. However, the member determination and perseverance in striving for excellence, lead to the commitment to gather all the Indonesian Ministry scholars from all universities in Australia and seek to facilitate IMOF scholars in the process of learning and research and communicating their learning outcomes from Australia to their greater potential in strengthening Indonesian Public Finance. Now, Mofilink has become a forum that able to connecting all IMOF scholars (mainly supported by AusAID) from Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth/Western Australia, Sydney and Melbourne and other cities/universities in Australia. In addition, the forum also seeks to build a better network with professionals and practitioners from Australian institutions to support the vision: “Link and Inspire” (develop Australia-Indonesia strategic link for learning and Inspire to strengthen Indonesia Public Finance).

In line with the AusAID focus on Indonesia,  the director general of AusAID, Peter Baxter, during a recent visit to Kalimantan, Indonesia stated  that “The most important thing is that we are focused on results and helping people in Indonesia to overcome poverty through our work. It really is important.” We acknowledges that the significance of AusAID support for Indonesia development has been clearly articulated as this year Indonesia received the biggest portion of Ausaid. As the forum of the AusAID scholars and IMOF scholars who currently study in Australia, our commitment is clear in supporting the specific focus on promoting better performance, sustainable growth and a sound economic management.

Mofilink has a great potential to support the achievement of the Australia Indonesia Partnership Country Strategy (AIPCS) in a greater sense. By firstly, strengthening internal-link within IMOF scholars in Australia, Mofilink is now developing  a synergy-link with all AusAID scholars from Indonesia and continue to seek a link with  the IMOF strategic partner such as AUSAID, Australian Treasury, Department of Finance and Deregulation, ATO, ASIC, RBA, ANAO, APSC to support the students contribution at the highest potential when the scholars later will be back to the country.

MOFILINK objectives:

  1. Seeking ways for better networking and synergy among students from Indonesian Ministry of Finance while doing study in Australia under Indonesian or Australian Scholarship program (ALA/ADS).
  2. Promoting better education and learning support by providing strategic link with the Australian relevant institution to provide the highest potential of learning process for IMOF scholars while in Australia.
  3. Providing a sound benchmark study in Australian public services and inspiring to promote the implementation of the best practices in the Indonesian Public Finance.
  4. Gathering greater commitment from IMOF scholars to implement the IMOF core values in practice: Integrity, Professionalism and Excellence.

In short, MoFiLink is a forum designed for MoF staff who currently study in Australia and the alumni to share perspectives and discuss opinions, ideas, and contemporary issues. Furthermore we invite participants from other institutions to joint the link and develop synergy in strengthening Indonesian Public Finance.

Adi Budiarso (Mofilink – Canberra)


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